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(posted on 1 Jul 2023)

The "farmer" in Pietrasanta, Italia.

I was one of seven participants in a workshop in Pietrsanta Italy ! - 11 July 2023.

For 52 hours we sculpted a female model in clay, in the very old and adequate Tommasi Sudios.

The temperature within the studio was mercifully a few degrees lower than the 35 degrees outside .

Although I draw regularly in life-drawing sessions, my only previous experience in life-modeling was in art school about a half century ago! I took this as a challenge and an opportunity to revive my interest in sculpture. 

Tommasi Studio - workshop atelier with instructor David Hunwick

Early stage of clay model

Scrutiny by maestro Gabrielle Vicare

Some respite from the heat dome in the Carrara Quaries 

Clay model ready for casting...


The studio as banquet hall. Catered by Almo 


Then there was Costanza waiting in the Bargello in Firenze!

Bernini would have sourced this marble from Carrera.



The bronze edition arrived from Italia.




Showing at Gallery 635 at 635 Victoria Street in Kamloops until 26 May after which it will travel to Victoria BCAtmospheric River


Queen of the North ll

An eight foot by eight foot mural started out as four pieces 4X4 feet. A first for me to paint on unstretched, unprimed canvas, but it seemed the way to go considering the limited space in my studio


The four pieces see the light of day and the possibility of a satisfactory alignment.

Angela's studio at the Sidewalk/Xtension Gallery provided enough room to complete the work. The four separate panels, now glued to Birch panels are assembled.

Installed on the north facing wall of Ogesh's Central Cafe on Railway Avenue.

(posted on 1 Mar 2019)


La Ciudad  February 2019


Beginning with some formal decisions on a 48"x36" canvas. No thought at this stage of any content or narrative. In fact it is my usual goal to avoid those temptations.



I have used the grid or checkerboard motif before as a starting point. I wanted also to try something more adventurous with colour. The choice of pink (rosado) was arbitrary but turned out to be the first clue that the recent trip to Mexico City might be an influence here. There seemed to be a lot of pink in MX - buildings, taxi cabs, buses and clothing... Various shades of blue and green - turquoise - were also popular.

Images of the city created by the underpainting also appear and warrant some attention. The roof top patio of our hotel provided a view of the city sky-line. It might be a stretch to also claim the pyramid shape as derived from Teotihuacan...

Minor alterations and some silver lining (as in lines) bring this composition to a completion. It is still not a narrative piece but the reference to la Ciudad Mexico is okay with me. 

With rare exceptions I do not try to make paintings that document travel experiences. I do believe that all experience  including travel finds it way into one's artistic expression.

(posted on 2 Nov 2018)

(posted on 23 Jul 2017)

"Sister City Synergy" is a glass mosaic mural installed on the exterior of the Ashcroft Public Library. It is one of several now in the community, a product of the "Mosaic Studio" operated in "The Hub" by Marina Papais and Daniel Collett.

This mural is a combination of a painting by Kazuhiko Nagaki of Bifuka, Japan and a mural design by Royden Josephson which was painted in Bifuka in 2014 to commemorate the twenty year anniversary of the sister city relationship of Bifuka and Ashcroft. "Sister City Synergy" speaks to the importance of forging and nurturing relationships between our communities and cultures. Marina and Daniel are dedicated to promoting harmony between diverse cultures through their public art projects. Their current project, "The Harmony Piece" pays tribute to the Chinese, Japanese, Indigenous and Settler components of our community.








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