Royden Josephson


(posted on 1 Jul 2023)

The "farmer" in Pietrasanta, Italia.

I was one of seven participants in a workshop in Pietrsanta Italy ! - 11 July 2023.

For 52 hours we sculpted a female model in clay, in the very old and adequate Tommasi Sudios.

The temperature within the studio was mercifully a few degrees lower than the 35 degrees outside .

Although I draw regularly in life-drawing sessions, my only previous experience in life-modeling was in art school about a half century ago! I took this as a challenge and an opportunity to revive my interest in sculpture. 

Tommasi Studio - workshop atelier with instructor David Hunwick

Early stage of clay model

Scrutiny by maestro Gabrielle Vicare

Some respite from the heat dome in the Carrara Quaries 

Clay model ready for casting...


The studio as banquet hall. Catered by Almo 


Then there was Costanza waiting in the Bargello in Firenze!

Bernini would have sourced this marble from Carrera.



The bronze edition arrived from Italia.